How to Keep Your Vision or Commitment Alive When You Keep Forgetting About It

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You started with great love, enthusiasm and inspiration. You had this fire to see your vision prosper like a full grown tree laden with fruits. You had committed yourself to this vision.

Say you wanted to create a thousand jobs for people, say you wanted to do some research, say you wanted to make your music, say wanted to set up your business, say you just wanted to be happy, say you wanted do something everyday that gave you a lot of joy…

Anything you wanted deep down.

But down the line you forgot about it. You realize your vision got muddled up with daily distractions & despair. You forgot about the vision, the feeling, the commitment. You got distracted.

After many days or years you remember “Oh I always wanted to do that thing. I had this vision.” Suddenly you remember that feeling. But now you feel you have lost so much time.

What happened? How did you forget the vision? Why could you not keep your commitment intact? Why did it get all muddled up with everyday grind and other things? How come you forgot about it?

Now you have another such vision. This time also you feel you must make it happen. You commit again.

So what can you do to not let this one fade away?

Write it Down

Write it down in a diary. The vision. Write its contents — the commitment. Write how you feel about it. What is it about this vision that drives you. Write it down.

The diary is like a memento. Where you are leaving clues for your future self that can read it to remember.

But don’t stop with these clues. Write more. Write as the days progress. Make corrections to your vision. Come back to it. Make a lot of notes. Write your doubts, fears and motivations. Write anything and everything related to it.

If that feeling strengthens after few days, write about it.

Say you want to build a great product. It makes you feel great. Right down that feeling. Right down that vision. Do you feel like doing research? Do the research. After doing research did you feel motivated or demotivated? Write that down. Write the product specs. Write your feeling about the specs.

Don’t consider this as a project plan or a business plan. This writing is to clear your heart. This writing is to remind your future self how you felt. What was the basis of your commitment.

Let all the motivations and discouragement be there on the paper. Clear your heart.

And then when down the line you feel the vision is becoming hazy & the feeling is fading away, open the diary. Read your notes. It will bring back your memory. It will bring back the feelings.

Then document this event too. How the feelings returned? What it felt like to remember it all over again? What it felt like to commit back?

Tell it to a Loved One / Coach / Teacher

The other thing you can do is to tell your vision and the associated feelings to a person who is interested in seeing you grow. It can be a loved one, friend, coach or a teacher. Whose words you value. Tell them about your vision. Tell them to help you remind the vision when the situation arises.

This is the person you can go back to when you are feeling down. This is the person who can look at your situation from outside and inspire you to get back.

Their words will remind you what you had forgotten. Their words will bring back the vision, the commitment and the feelings soaring back in your heart. And they will do it proactively for you.


Writing a diary and telling it to a coach are fine. But it is possible that you get so distracted that none of them make sense. They don’t revive any feeling. You have forgotten everything.

What can you do now?

See, the real thing is your inner drive. The words you read or hear are just clues. The words are the hints to revive what you had forgotten. They are not an end unto themselves.

So, can you keep the feeling intact in your heart? Over a long long time? Without forgetting? Without any external help? Is it possible? Yes.

This is where meditation can help. Meditation helps to clear the noise. It clears your heart. It brings you closer to your real calling everyday.

So if you meditate everyday, you will be connected to the calling of your heart. Whatever be happening outside, you will not loose sight of your vision.

Say you are in a situation where you can’t move forward. There are things happening that are distracting you. So be it. But your vision will be intact. Your drive will be intact.

Maybe the situation demands patience. You will have the wisdom to be patient.

Maybe the situation demands to go all out. You will have the courage to charge.

Meditate everyday. It will keep you connected. You will not forget and regret ever.



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