A pragmatic seeker’s exploration of words, their meaning & their usage

The Meaning

In the beginning there were no words. There was just void. There was no meaning. Usage was unheard of. This is where the story of words, their meaning and their usage starts — in nothingness.

Before the beginning, in the womb of creation, there was not even a concept of nothingness. Nothingness was wrapped in nothingness. There didn’t even exist a disconnected individual spirit who could later claim that she had a meaning trapped in her. No mother or a father existed.

When the first word was spoken, no meaning was conceived. It was just a sound. Nobody knew if it was loud or soft. Nobody knew what it even sounded like. But the veil was lifted.

After ages of evolution of motion, time, senses & experience, meaning was cognized.

After that words were born as children of the first word. They were borne to carry forward the many meanings that had come into existence. These meanings were hidden in events of galactic scales.

Sound was the body of words. Meaning was the soul.

The usage of the words became the mechanics of generating more meaning.

Sometimes after generating meaning, words themselves would dissolve into nothingness. This became meditation.

Sometimes words were held longer by those using it. The words kept reverberating and echoing in their hearts.

Simplification and complication happened side by side. If you were stuck with words, they complicated the matters. But if you transcended them, they made life simpler for you.

Proliferation of sounds, ideas and meanings led to continuous evolution of words. Every word carrying its own life; its life’s purpose being to generate meaning for those who used it.

In coming articles I am going to explore words from the English language. The idea is to explore words to enrich meaning, simplify expressions and to create an experience of meditation out of them.

I hope my research will help you use and understand words better. Your writing should flourish as a result. Your reading should become deep & enjoyable. You should be able to explore ideas, scenes, narratives, stories, emotions & feelings better. And so should I.

But more importantly you should be able to use these words as medium for meditation.

My aim is as much to create silence as to stir sounds.

I am not an expert of English language nor a linguist. But I will research words in certain meditative context. Let me explain.

I will explore words in their environment — where they belong, in sentences. I will explore their tussles, their grudge, their friendship & animosity with other words, their happiness, & their need for existence. I will explore how they jump in between other words to make place for themselves. And when put their by mistake or forced, how they become clumsy & angry & spoil your taste.

Words are like molecules that bounce with other molecules to create stuff called meaning. I believe, a creative exploration of word from any perspective is possible. It can become meditative.

My basis for exploration & research are the 5 elements of creation.


The first sound gave rise to space. It wasn’t the space that held the sound. Rather, the first sound created space.

Have you ever noticed that the space of meaning inside your mind is made up words. And words are made up of sound. Sound creates space.

The sense of space was hidden in the first sound. When space came into existence it became the medium for the first meaning — “to come into existence”. Reality.

Then came the Time. It disintegrated the first sound. Creating its replicas in space. The replicas were first events. Thus, the first meaning of motion was created.

When languages were made, verbs & prepositions became the basic construct for describing motion.


The independent existence of events and motion led to creation of elements which led to creation of objects. Motion was inherent in objects. Objects were solidification of meaning in space and time. While meaning was hidden in the objects, it begged to be uncovered and expressed.

Later to describe objects languages invented Nouns & Conjunctions.


With an inherent desire to express their meaning, objects gained senses. Sense of sound was special. Because it shaped the words. It created space inside space. Worlds inside worlds. Sight, Touch, Taste and Smell followed. Senses gave rise to the meaning of measurement.

Meanings hidden in Sight, Touch, Taste and Smell could be expressed in words. Words were really special.

Later in languages adverbs and adjectives expressed measurement.


Senses created experience. It led to an abstraction of reality. As a result more objects were created. It deepened the construct of reality. Measurements became refined.

Later languages diversified Verbs, Nouns, Adverbs & Adjectives.


Words created expressions. Expressions generated more meaning. Descriptions, narrations and stories flourished.

Languages created expressions & statements.

Many people love to link development of languages to development of mind. But I think this is not necessary. Development of mind is not a big deal. It is a natural evolution of nature. It can happen in any direction. Mind is designed to evolve.

I think it is more important to transcend & deepen the meaning of words. To reach the source from your point of evolution. More evolution is easily accessible from depths of creation. A mind engrossed in these depth does not need evolution as a source of inspiration.

With process of creation as an inspiration, shall we explore the words now?



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The Pragmatic Seeker

The Pragmatic Seeker

Can inner game be mastered by meditating? Can words become a medium for realizing silence? Writing in pursuit of finding answers…